Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It is super duper freezing cold outside! I think like 22 was the high. Oh joy. It's already March, you could even call it the middle of March. So where is the warmer weather? I'm not expecting 70's, but the 40's would be nice. Heck, the 30's would be nice.

It was another one of my marathon Tuesdays. I certainly won't be upset when I don't have another Tuesday like this again. Chem lab would have went fast except that I had to due two IRs from two weeks ago.... They took forever. I sure do miss spring break.

I was completely sick all of spring break, where's the fairness in that? All the spring cleaning I had planned did not happen at all. I was so looking foward to re-arranging my furniture. Well maybe I can get that done this weekend. Over the past weekend, we went down and visited Tiffany and saw their new apartment. I like the new apartments better than the old ones.

I am tired and hungry. I thought I'd do some studying when I got home, but I really don't think that's going to happen. I'm just waiting for Daddy to get home with the Red Lobster and then I can finally get some dinner in my stomach.

LaToya got her new Dell notebook and I'm super jealous. I can't wait to get one of my own. And she got the Sims 2 on her notebook, which now I really really want to play... ah but I must be patient. I can't act like a silly kid and be wanting something I don't have right now.

Over spring break while being sick, I got lost in the Anne world once again. Now I would love more than anything to dig out all my Anne books and start reading away! Somehow, I think my time would be better spent reading Organic chem. Maybe I'll start reading them yet.