Friday, December 06, 2002

So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

So thanksgiving is over. There went my beautiful whole two days off of school! But I've only got another week of classes, I must remind myself of this.
The weekend after Thanksgiving we actually got a decent amount of snow, and now it's been so cold here that if the high for the day was the freezing point, I'd think it was June!
I've got so much work to do this last week of school it's insane. I've got a 5 page paper due on comparing the writing styles of Alice Walker vs Tim O'Brien (there's a huge difference for you), I've got to write a short piece of fiction, I've got to design a webpage, I've got physics problems to work out, and I have my Cell Bio exam on Friday, the 13th to be exact.
It's all pure craziness.
I watched Reluctant Angel on the CBC today. I'm still a huge fan of Megan Follows. Surprisingly, I really like a lot of the Canadian Films I've seen. They can get away with so much more and do it in a much more thoughtful manner than a lot of the American blockbusters.
I bet it would be really fun to become a filmmaker. I've always wanted to wrap my mind around all of the process, from giving the actors direction to finding a unique camera angle to film with. Hmm.
Anyhoo, just sitting around downloading Christmas tunes. LOL Just goes to show how bored I can get around here. But what am I supposed to do with inches of snow on the ground and freezing temperatures?