Sunday, November 10, 2002

Today has left me exhausted! Bernadine threw a party for lil J's birthday, and Bernadette and I rode together down to party, which was a half hour drive away. It was at a chuckie cheese type place, so there wasn't much for us to do. Bernadette and I used the occasion to go shopping (of course). Which I must add I got a killer pair of jeans on sale for $15.
The drive there was interesting. Bernadette and I talked through all of our sisters' boy troubles, and I must say I was for once able to get a laugh out of everything. Nice how best friends can just pick up right where they left off. And it's really nice to have someone who has the same style in clothes as I do. I know I sound materialistic right now, but hey, sometimes shopping is what a girl needs to forget her problems.
The drive back was insane! It was thunderstorming the whole way back home, and at one point it was raining so hard, Bernadette was gripping the steering wheel, muttering "Geez-us!" LOL her way of not exclaiming "Jesus."
Last night I watched Anne of Green Gables, and cried my eyes out, like I haven't watched the movie a million and one times already! After Friday's exam, I certainly needed something to get sappy over.
Now I'm thinking hot cocoa and my warm bed would be perfect :) Sounds like a plan.