Thursday, February 13, 2003

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. I'm not bothered that I don't have a valentine, cause lets face it, the last time I had a valentine was probably like back in the fifth grade! Ah well, Daddy never forgets to buy me candy, so who cares that I don't have a boyfriend? I think they're completely overrrated anyhow.

I got an A on my genetics exam, yeah! I'm so incredibly proud of that.

I've been bored lately so I've been downloading music. Kazaa is awesome!

I got hired to work at Blue Lake again next summer. Hmm funny how after the summer was over last year, I was thinking how I would love to work there again. Then, by the time November hit, I was thinking, no way! But by the time February rolled around, I was like, oh what the heck? Why not.

Well summer is a long way off but somehow it seems like it will be here before I know it.

One more week of school left until Spring Break, Thank God!