Friday, April 25, 2003

First thought for the day: Finals are a bi-otch. Okay glad to get that out!

Second thought for the day: Someone take my check book and credit card away from me. If I get another idea of buying anything else, someone just shoot me. If I buy one more pair of sandals, one more necklace, one more little t-shirt, someone just shoot me.

Third thought for the day. Just because I plan to join an exercise class come the beginning of May, does not mean it's wise to have fast food 4 days out of the week. I had mexican, Taco Bell (not real mexican), Mcdonalds, and Subway, and Schlotzky's all in one week. If I drop dead at the age of 30, I couldn't really blame God for taking me out.

Final thought: People who go the wrong way on a one-way lane in an already tightly parked U of M parking ramp, and expect YOU the person who is going the right way, to either back up or go around them, SHOULD BE SHOT! Hmmph.