Saturday, December 28, 2002

So Christmas is over already, it went by so fast! I enjoyed myself, but for some odd reason it just didn't feel like Christmas. Somehow I think it was like that for a lot of people around me. I'm enjoying my break from school, finally to be able to sleep and rest and not worry over an exam or work or time is wonderful.

I'm not sure how I'll spend New Year's Eve, I really just want to relax at home. I did the party thing last year, and had fun and all, but somehow actually missed being in my pajamas, counting down the new year with Dick Clark and the gang. Ah but who knows.

It will be mom's 41st birthday, and then in three weeks my 21st birthday. Not to be a drag, but I think I'll avoid the whole get completely wasted for your 21st birthday routine. Sounded like fun a few months ago, but now I'm just thinking that it would be completely pointless.

This year, I'm staying away from the cheesy resolutions that can't be kept. I'm making one promise to myself, and that is to destress my life. I'm thinking yoga, and other exercises are the way to do that, along with just studying more so I feel better prepared, and getting more sleep. So hopefully this is one promise I can actually keep for myself.

Tiffany called earlier and told us that while at work she got second degree burns all up her arm and on her hand! Ouch! I think with her complexion, she'll have scarring, but I didn't say anything to her. Hopefully that won't happen. She had stars imbedded on her watch band, which left star shaped burns all around her wrists! She had to go to the hospitial and get a bunch of shots and cream to put on her burns. Hopefully, she'll be fine.