Sunday, March 21, 2004

So I'm determined to update this thing more often.... Hmm, lets see. This weekend kind of uneventful, but relaxing none the less. I worked out twice :) (Yea!) but didn't get much studying done. I guess with me only one thing usually gets taken care of over a weekend. But it's hard because I figure why study on a weekend when I'll be working hard all week? Gotta love the 2nd half of the semester blahs.

So on Monday, my once a year good luck struck. I won tickets from CK105 for tickets to go see John Mayer in concert! Of all the dumb luck in the world. I wanted to go to that concert so badly, but had noooo money. Plus, I mean I had already seen him in concert in August and in November. Buying tickets again would be a little obsessive, but hey, I won them. :) It was like I was being rewarded for being a good girl and saving my money. Whatever the reason for my luck, I'm not going to bother questioning it right now.

Lets see, what else? Oh yeah, going to Toronto on Saturday. It's safe to say that here because Tiffany doesn't even know my blog exists, so she won't be reading this. So yeah, Tiffany's bachelorette party in Toronto should be a blast. I am looking so foward to it. The nice thing about going to Toronto is that we are all pretty much guaranteed to find something we want to do, so I'm looking foward to it. Plus, I know it's crazy, but I do love a good road trip. There's just something about the feeling of running away for a few days that makes me feel a little young and alive. I hope even into old age I can find something to feel young and energetic about.

Tiffany's bridal shower was something else. Mom was a total monsterous uh-huh the entire week leading up to it. And lets see, she kept me up until like 3 am decorating, then I know she must have sat up until 5 am watching tv. So then, of course, she wakes me up at 8 am, wondering why I'm so lazy to actually want sleep. Yeah, I saw that bucketload of crazy coming from a mile away. But we got the shower up and running, and mom turned into her happy Martha Stewart side instead of the crazy bitchy Martha she was in the morning. I didn't have lots of fun because I was too busy being a hostess and stepping over kids, and taking pictures, and all that stuff. But I was determined Tiff would have a very nice shower. I just hope one day she returns the favor!

Well thats it. Going to go to bed early so I can get up early and go to the career development center and see about a co-op.