Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Spring Break has come and gone! Ahh! I mean geez do we really have to have spring break in February?

Today the University actually canceled classes on account of the snow! Yes! A day to make up work, only I never seem to have enough time. I think I'll get off work early to get some work done here.

I'm mad over my computer project right now. Not only is it already late, but when finishing it up I did something wrong and as a result lost work that I've done a month ago. ERRRRRRRR!!!!!

Went to see Tiff's new apartment on Monday. It was nice and I could tell Tiffany was really excited over it, but it seemed like it took us forever to get there.

Got choir rehersal Friday, Saturday, and a performance on Sunday? Who schedules required performances on Sunday for goodness sakes? I mean it's not like we're a church choir! So my entire weekend is taken up. That sucks.