Sunday, November 28, 2004

What a holiday! Thanksgiving, which I was completely dreading, actually turned out to be very chill and relaxing. Now I can only have the same hope for Christmas. It's weird, because no one around here really seems to be in the Christmas mood. We haven't even discussed putting up the Christmas tree, which is odd. But lord knows I'm way too busy with school to be worried about that right now. I think once I get through my finals, (2 weeks!) I'll be able to think more about the holidays.

I spent the 4 day weekend re-writing chem notes in an attempt to get some of the information into my head. I don't know how well I succeeded though. The reactions still just seem exactly alike, but at least I do understand the basic chemistry behind polymers. I figured, if I do about the same as I did on my last test, and do good on the final (I oddly seem to do very good on finals) I should hit that C+/B- range with no problem. Ah but it is killing me, the anticipation of it all.

Besides cleaing and re-writing chem notes, I had an Anne of Green Gables Marathon. I see find something new in those films every time I watch them, and seeing as I've watched them like 50 million times, that's saying alot. I also find tons of new things everytime I read the book, but the last thing I need to do is crack open that book. With all the chem studying I need to do, that's the last thing on my mind!

I'm trying to mentally schedule everything in my head. This week is devoted to Choir and Chemistry, lol the two Cs. We have our Sounds of Seasons Concerts Friday and Saturday. So I'm trying to figure out time to study the music, and figure in chem study time as well. Then, come Friday afternoon, I'm devoted to everything Bio. I'm going to be working on my bio illustrations drawings, my bio stats exam, and finishing (starting?) my term paper for evolution. Ahh. I just have to remember, that in two weeks time, my hell will be (temporarily) over. Then it's just one more semester. One more semester! Eeek!