Friday, December 13, 2002

So it's midnight, and I have an exam in exactly 12 hours, and have I began studying? NOOOOO. I was a little upset when I found out that while you only had to have a 65% to get a C, an 80% was still required for a B. What kind of smack curve is that? So between this exam and the final I could only miss a total of 5 points to get my B. Now even the highest score on one of Doc's exams only turns out to be around 95%. Which means anyway I go I'm screwed over. In a way that's not such a bad thing, because if I thought I had a chance at a B, I'd be od-ing on caffeine about now, freaking out. But since I could fail this exam and the next one and still end up with a C, who cares?

I worked on my computer project (designing a web page) this entire week, but when I went to turn it in today, I decided it was all crap, so I took an hour to completely re-do the entire thing. And I must say, it was totally worth it. It's so much better now.

Tiffany and Fat Bastard came to visit a couple of days ago. She came upstairs (I'm sure with the true intent on bugging me) and of course she tried to lead me blindly into an argument. That girl I swear.

Okay, am I the only one who thinks if Clay wins Survivor that's such a scamming rip off?

Speaking of scams, my job is getting on my last nerve. I was hired to do work in the office, not be everyone's damn goffer. I was trying to do my real job (showing a proffesor how to work excel, and figuring out his classes' final grades, but of course every five minutes I got interupted by some moron expecting me to do dumb things like, "walk across downtown and deliver this package for me!" Yeah, let's see, go through downtown at dusk, risking my life for a package, or, stay here warm and safe. Which do you think I picked?