Saturday, October 26, 2002

Just a few beefs. Yesterday I took a quiz in physics, and I think I would have done well, would being the important word there. We were allowed to have notecards with formulas on them, but right before the quiz I misplaced my notecard, and had to take the quiz without it! ERR.

Other than that everything is peachy. Watched Trading Spaces, got a good nap, went cruising in my car, and had a nice and quiet Saturday.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Need to get some thoughts out of my head.
Number one thought: Would it kill the University to give us like one day off a month? I mean one rest and relaxation day a month would give me something to look forward to.
Number two thought: Am I the only one annoyed by the girl in my English class who talks nonstop? I mean, I know I can drag out stories, but this chick, geez! She talks non-stop, and of course it's always the people like her who have absolutely nothing of any merit to say. And of course it just so happens that the person who likes to talk the most has the most annoying voice. Err.
Number three thought: If you get an A on an exam, the professor seems to suddenly remember your name, and thinks every comment you make in class is valuable. Yeah, wait til he figures out that A I got was some freak accident because of some weird star alignment.
Number four thought: Was I the only one who lost that "Blue Lake was great" mentality for the "Blue Lake really screwed me up" mentality? And just as I was getting over this, I get a letter in the mail asking me to work there next summer?
Number five thought: Why is it every time I go to the doctor with an ailment, by the time I actually see the doctor my ailment is gone and he looks at me like I'm some hypochondriac? And why is it my mother can always come up with five million things that are wrong with her at random for the doctor to check her for, when it's my doctor's appointment?

That's the end of my thoughts for the night.