Thursday, October 28, 2004

So today was and is today. Sleepy! I didn't go to class today, I just needed a day off. I had my Organic exam yesterday. I studied my butt off for that exam, and I pretty much got no sleep because I was so stressed over it. I hope I did okay, but I guess we'll see, won't we?
It was weird, last night I was sitting at the computer, thinking that it would be nice to talk to someone, when suddenly at once 3 people sent me instant messages. It cheered me up, especially to chat with Vickie. We talked about all things random and it was great. I talked to Pumpkin and Huong and it was just nice to hear from people I miss.
Today, instead of going to class I went to the computer lab and emailed about that lab job opening, and I felt so proud of myself for going after it. But wouldn't you know it, my email came back as undeliverable. So I guess tomorrow I'll be faxing my application or calling someone if I have the time. I did go to Aero and finally return those jeans that I mistakenly bought too long. And, the fun part was I went to Michael's and got lots and lots of scrapbook stuff to make Tiffany's wedding scrapbook album. Who knew putting a scrapbook together would end up costing like $40? But I wanted to make this the best wedding present she recieved from anyone, so the time, effort, and money are well worth it. I'll have to remember that the next time I'm ready to throttle her!
Tomorrow is supposed to be a rather easy day for me. I've really only got one class to go to, but I'll be hanging around until noon, so that I can go to the premed club meeting and pick up my choir robe. Then I'm out of there! YEA! I can't wait for Halloween, I plan to rent Harry Potter and light candles and have a spooky night of it.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I'm having a better today than yesterday. I'm going to go to bed here soon, but I just felt like clearing my head before I go to bed.

It wasn't a bad day and I actually got a bit accomplished, although it feels like I didn't do much of anything. I cleaned up my bedroom that horribly needed it, and I went out to Stepping Stone Falls with Daddy and got some pictures of mallards and Canadian Geese and Seagulls. (I can hear Dr. Szuch yelling right now that there's no such thing as a "seagull"!!!!)

It was a pretty chill day. I know I should have been studying Organic chem, but I just needed a mental break. Besides, I figure studying tomorrow and Tuesday will more than suffice, because that will be about 2 more days of study time then I put in for the last exam.

Other than that, not much to say. I was too lazy to go out to the car and get my John Mayer cds (all 5 of them!) , so I just listened to some of the Beatles MP3 I have on the hard drive. It was a much needed mental chill day. Thank God for them, because they are much needed!