Sunday, November 24, 2002

White Thanksgiving?

It's snowing, snowing, snowing. Probably will mostly melt away by morning, but it's supposed to keep snowing this week. Just made me think of a white Thanksgiving. Me and dad were out driving when it started snowing, and he said this is more like an old fashioned winter, the kind they had when he was a kid.
My stress level is finally down. Exams and homework ack. No more exams until finals, that is except for an English exam, but those don't stress me out because I love to read so I always know the novel like the back of my hand by the time it comes to taking the exam. No stress there.
I'm finally starting to get in the mood for the holidays, I was so stressed out, Thanksgiving and Christmas were the last things I wanted to deal with. But I'm feeling more like myself now.
Since it looks so cold outside, I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies :) Reminds me of all the awesome stuff I'll get to eat at Thanksgiving.
Even as good as the food is on Thanksgiving, the day after is even better. It's so awesome to sit and eat a plate full of leftovers, putting up the tree (artifical but no one can tell it's fake), digging through the box of ornaments, and listening to Christmas music. I can hardly wait!