Monday, September 02, 2002

Labor day weekend. Huh, funny, I wonder what I was doing this time last year on Labor day. Freaking out about school is a good guess, but I honestly don't remember how I spent my Labor Day last year. And to think September 11th was only like a week away, and we all went on so unaware of what lied ahead of us....
That was my deep thought for the day. Here me and my mom were, sitting there in the drive through at McDonalds, and all I could think about as the sun set was, is this a horrible world we live in, or are we just among horrible people? Or, are they one in the same? And if I've already seen these type of horrors in my twenty years, what the heck does the rest of life have to offer? God bless us all, truly.
But to get off of the depressing side, I did have an enjoyable, if sluggish holiday weekend. On Saturday, I went to the park and played tennis with Andrea and Michelle. It was the first chance I got to get out on the court since I left in June. Ah what a great feeling to be able to run up to the net, and just slam some tennis balls as hard as I could. Talk about a stress reliever.
Sunday, Daddy grilled us up some awesome steaks, with corn on the cob and baked potatoes. Yum! That steak was way better than the last steak I had at Damon's. We all enjoyed the steaks, Belle more than the rest of us, but she's a dog so what can you expect? Yeah speaking of that dog, my mother is losing her mind. I know Belle is part of the family, and I openly admit to having conversations with the dog, as well as grabbing her and kissing her whenever I feel the need, but mom takes it to the extreme. Ever since I left for the summer, Belle was the only little critter she had to take care of, and yeah she took care of her alright. Now everywhere we go, she says something about "Oh Belle was so cute today! You should of seen her, and Tammy, I swear she tries so hard to talk, I can just tell by her little bark she wants to talk to me!" Yeah I kind of get what she means, but I also get she's a little looney toons over that dog.
So today has been a odd day as well. Tiff and mom woke me up, arguing of course, and I swear the best thing to do would be to lock those two in a room together, and let them make up. But, this is my family, so they'd kill each other, and we'd find two dead bodies. Is that too morbid? LOL Lately I wonder if I'm too morbid. Andrea said I'm gross cause I can watch surgery on Discovery channel while eating pizza, but gross and morbid are two different things, right?
On a slightly normal note, I'm just trying to get ready for school on Friday/ I figure my room is reflective on my state of mind, and since I'm feeling all disorganized in my thoughts, it's only natural for my room to be a cluttered mess. I'm trying to clean it, thinking a clean room will be a calm state of mind, therefore I'll be ready for another year at Michigan. Hehe we'll see.