Monday, January 17, 2005

Well today I've got so many things to do... I always put things of until last minute. But isn't that human nature? I guess it's official I'm going to work at camp next summer, I talked to Heidi and she's sending me a contract out. At first I was thinking, am I sure about this? I will be finishing up my last week of school and going into the first week of orientation at camp at the same time... that's going to be stressful if I don't stay on top of my work and plan it out accordingly. But then after discussing it I was really excited. I talked to Pumpkin all about it and she made me excited too. Which reminds me, I have to figure out a good time to go down to MSU!!
So my twenty-third birthday is on Saturday, eek! I feel like I'm getting horribly grown up and old. That in itself is a good reason to get things done early and then spend my free time doing what it is I really want to do. I need to be caught up this weekend so that I can spend my birthday weekend the way that I want to, not worrying over school! I plan to go to dinner and a movie with Tiff, and anyone else who would like to come along.
Anyways, school so far, is so good. I'm planning on going to kickboxing with Latoya today, and I went last Wednesday. It kicked me in the butt! But seeing as the scale said I was at an all-time high of 159 pounds, yeah, I think it's time for me to get my butt kicked. I am about to go to Office Max and get a composition book so I can get started on my chem notebook. I'd really like to have it done before I go to kickboxing at 5:30. Ah so much to do, so little time.