Sunday, January 26, 2003

So I'm offically 21. Not much to report. Hehe. Bought alcohol for the first time legally yesterday, although even though it was my party, I hardly drank any of it.
We were going to go to the club Celebrations, but when we got there, it was snowing, cold, and a mile long line. Well, we stood in the line, got all the way to the doors, when they said they were closing this line. Well that sucked!
So we ended up just buying everything and hanging out, but since I was the only one who was 21 I bought it, but my friends all scattered so they wouldn't be carded! So I looked like a freaking alcoholic buying all this alcohol and I was all by myself.
Tiffany and I started arguing about Rich, so the whole drive home was ackward. It bothers me that she stands up for him over me, her own sister. I just wish she'd open her eyes.
I woke up this morning with a headache from not getting enough sleep, and just plain not really feeling good. I think I may be getting a bit of a cold. That's all I need with exams coming up! It's the end of January but I'm already wishing February away so I can have spring break!
And life goes on. At least I'm finally feeling okay with things for the moment.